DAO Governance

Pursuant to requirements for Harmony grantees, we have created a gnosis safe with 5-out-of-9 multisig, to ensure decentralization and security of the DAO treasury.

DAO Mandate:

1. Cuteness

  • Deliver cute, clean, & intuitive design

  • Brighten the blockchain with adorable artwork

2. Creativity

  • Produce fresh, creator-driven content

  • Innovate at the intersection of NFTs & DeFi

3. Creativity

  • Build community based on friendship & kindness

  • Foster a culture of collaboration & inclusivity

DAO Governors:

The community has elected the following 9 initial DAO governors:

  1. @persimberry (team)

  2. @toto (team)

  3. @slimjim (team)

  4. @sm0nks (team)

  5. @matt cl (team)

  6. @cactuar (community)

  7. @Hound (validator)

  8. @crypto_clay (project lead)

  9. @Sofa (project lead)

Medium article: Introducing Taro DAO: Read Our Mandate and Meet the Governors!

Harmony DAOs: https://docs.harmony.one/home/general/daos

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