How to Provide Liquidity

Step-by-step tutorial on how to provide KURO-ONE liquidity on ViperSwap. Skip ahead to step 7 if you already know how to send ONE tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

1. Set up your MetaMask wallet.

  • Click here to download the MetaMask browser extension.

  • Grab a pen and paper, write down your seed phrase, and keep it in a secure place.

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet to Harmony.

  • Go to “Networks,” select “Custom RPC,” and enter the boxed items below on MetaMask.

  • If you need more help, click here to follow Harmony’s easy instructions.

3. Connect your MetaMask wallet to ViperSwap.

  • Click here to go to ViperSwap.

  • Click "Connect a Wallet" on the menu and select your new Harmony wallet.

4. Buy Harmony ONE tokens.

  • You can buy ONE by swapping tokens directly on ViperSwap. If you do this, you can skip ahead to step 7.

  • Alternatively, you can buy ONE on Binance (or BinanceUS, if you’re in the U.S.). This requires two extra steps, 5-6.

5. Find your “one1” wallet address.

  • Go to Harmony Explorer and paste your “0x” wallet address from MetaMask into the Explorer search bar.

  • Make sure the Address Format is toggled to “ONE” at the top of Harmony Explorer.

  • This is your “one1” address, which you’ll need in order to withdraw ONE from Binance to your MetaMask wallet.

6. Send your ONE tokens to your MetaMask wallet.

  • Click “Withdraw” on Binance and select Harmony ONE from the dropdown menu.

  • Paste your “one1” address from Harmony Explorer into “Recipient’s ONE Address.”

  • Enter the amount of ONE you’d like to withdraw to your MetaMask wallet, and hit “Submit.”

  • Your ONE tokens should appear almost immediately in your MetaMask wallet.

7. Swap a portion of your ONE tokens for KURO tokens.

  • Click here to convert a portion of your ONE tokens into KURO tokens, within the maximum transaction limit.

    • The limit is currently 1% of the total supply (5,000,000 KURO) per transaction. You can still trade more KURO than the limit, but you’ll need to do it in multiple transactions.

  • Click the cog button and set “Slippage tolerance” to at least 5.2%.

  • Click “Swap”—you now hold KURO tokens in addition to your ONE tokens.

8. Add liquidity to ViperSwap.

  • On ViperSwap, click on the “Pool” tab, and then click the “Add Liquidity” button.

  • Enter the amount of ONE you’d like to contribute. (You can click on the “MAX” button to contribute all of your ONE tokens to the pool.)

    • This will automatically enter an equal-in-value amount of KURO, to pair with your ONE tokens.

  • Click the “Supply” button to supply funds to the liquidity pool, and then click “Confirm Supply.”

  • Confirm the transaction on MetaMask to finish adding liquidity to ViperSwap.

  • In exchange for supplying liquidity, you’ll receive LP tokens. Make sure to add the LP tokens to your MetaMask before closing the window.

  • That’s it, you’re done! You are now providing liquidity to ViperSwap.

9. Manage your liquidity.

  • You can add or remove liquidity at any time—just head over to the “Pool” tab and click “Manage.”

  • If you don’t see the ONE-KURO pool right away, click on “Don't see a pool you joined? Import it.”

    • Select KURO from the dropdown menu or paste the KURO contract address:

      • 0x3E018675c0Ef63eB361b9EF4bfEa3A3294C74C7b

  • You can now manage your liquidity, i.e., add or remove KURO-ONE whenever you like.

10. Remove your liquidity from ViperSwap.

  • To remove liquidity, click the “Remove” button, and then click on “Detailed.”

  • Input the amount of KURO you’d like to withdraw, within the maximum transaction limit.

    • The current maximum transaction limit is 1% of the total supply (5,000,000 KURO) per transaction. You can still withdraw more KURO than the limit, but you’ll need to do it in multiple transactions.

  • Click “Remove” on ViperSwap, and then click “Confirm.” Confirm the transaction again on MetaMask.

  • That’s it! You’ve now received your liquidity back in the form of KURO and ONE tokens.

    • You can repeat this process up to the maximum transaction limit each time, until you’ve withdrawn all your KURO.

Thank you for being a liquidity provider!

Your contribution increases the liquidity of KURO on ViperSwap and is great for the health of the ecosystem. ♡

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